Our Mission

The Campus Awareness Response and Education (CARE) Team is committed to promoting campus safety and wellness. Through collaborative efforts we identify, assess and respond to student concerns on campus; assisting students who may be in crisis. The CARE Team develops a support plan for students to help them deal effectively with personal situations that might impact their academic performance.

Reasons to Report

Student behavior that is concerning to the student involved or to other members of the Rutgers community should be reported to the CARE Team. This behavior may include:

  • Unusual or erratic behavior in the residence halls or in class
  • Extended absence from class by a typically engaged student
  • Written work with troubling themes or references
  • Verbal or written threats made by a student toward another student, staff, or faculty member
  • Written or verbal expressions of suicidal ideation
  • Messages on social media with concerning language
  • Other actions which cause an alarm or call into question the safety of the student or other members of the community.

Team Members

Farzana Katideen
Coordinator of Judicial Affairs & Student Development

Loly Cambeiro
Student Affairs Administrative Coordinator

Anice Thomas, PhD
Director of Counseling Center

Clayton Walton, Chair
Dean of Student Life

Submit a Concern

To submit a student of concern to the Rutgers University-Newark CARE Team, please click on the link below.

Contact Us

(973) 353-5063

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I witness student behavior that concerns me?


If you have noticed student behavior which is not an emergency, but which you are concerned about contact the CARE Team. The team may be contacted in several ways. You may email careteam@rutgers.edu. You may contact any of the team members directly (see list on reverse side). You may call 973.353.5063.

Can I make a confidential report to the CARE Team? Will my name be revealed to the student I am concerned about?

You can make a confidential report to the CARE Team. If you prefer that your name not be revealed to the student you are concerned about, it will be kept confidential. In some cases, the information you provide will only be known to you and so the student you are concerned about may know its source. The Team will always discuss this matter with you before taking any action that would make your identity known. The CARE Team’s responsibility is to provide help for a student who may need it while providing support for faculty, students or staff who have come forward with their concerns.

Will the CARE Team tell me the outcome of my report?

The CARE Team will confirm that we have responded to your concern in some way. In order to protect the privacy of the student you are concerned about, we will not provide you with detailed information regarding our findings or actions in a given situation unless it is necessary. We ask that you recognize our requirement to maintain student privacy and that you follow-up with us again if your concern persists. Each time that you contact The CARE Team, you share important perspectives that we would not know about unless you provide them. We address every concern and take each report seriously.

Should I call Campus Police?

The CARE Team is not an emergency resource. If you witness an emergency, contact Rutgers Police at 973. 353. 5111.

Why should I contact the CARE Team? Why not just call the Counseling Center?

The CARE Team includes a staff member from the Counseling Center. Reporting your concerns to the CARE Team ensures that your concern will be immediately directed to a qualified person, who will be able to determine the next best course of action to help a student in need of assistance, whether that means Counseling or another campus resource.

Can students submit concerns about friends or peers to the CARE Team?

Yes, students may send concerns about their peers to the CARE Team. If you are aware of or have witnessed an incident involving a friend or classmate that concerns you, fill out the concern form and the CARE Team will follow up with the concern.

What happens when I submit a CARE concern report?

Based on the type of incident or concern you report, the CARE Team will contact you in order to get additional information and/or other crucial details. From there, the Team will determine the most appropriate course of action to take using the information you have shared and any other information that has been gathered. The CARE Team’s role is to determine how urgent the situation is and then to recommend or require that the student involved get the proper assistance.

Will contacting the CARE Team get the student I am concerned about “in trouble”?

The student that you report will be given the support and assistance they require by the CARE Team and other University and/or community resources. The primary purpose of the Team is to provide help to students who are in a state of crisis. When you report a student that you are concerned about, you are ensuring that they will receive the best possible assistance from qualified staff members.