Student Accounting Services

400-01: ASA Accounts

400-01.1: Policy
The Associated Students Account (ASA) is a holding account maintained by the Accounting Office of the Paul Robeson Campus Center. This account is used for depositing student fees and student organization raised funds. Expenses and expenditures by student organizations are paid via the checking account of the ASA. All Student Organizations recognized by the Office of Student Life & Leadership must have on file with the Accounting Office a current Account Authorization Form. The Student Organization must obtain, complete, and return this form from the Accounting Offices subsequent to being officially recognized as a new Student Organization, and to each election of new officers.

400-01.2: Procedure

• Obtain a blank ASA Account Authorization Form from the Accounting Office upon recognition by the Student Governing Association of the respective collegiate unit (NCAS, UC, Nursing, etc.), and the Office of Student Life & Leadership

• Fill in the precise name of the Student Organization on the first line. This will be the Organization’s account name in the ASA records in perpetuity

• Complete the section for authorized signatures. These will usually be the Treasurer and President of the Student Organization

• Complete the section with organization advisor information, and secure the advisor’s signature on the form. The advisor’s signature on the Account Authorization Form in no way allows that individual to access the Student Organization’s funds

• Answer as many of the questions in the last section as possible

• Sign and return the form to the Campus Center Accounting Office

400-02: ASA Checks
The majority of funds in the Associated Students Account are Student Fees, which are University funds, and as such may not be used for in payment of certain items. Those items being:

• Bail of Lawyer’s Fees

• Donations to partisan political organizations

• Personal purchases for student organization members

• Personal Loans

• Salaries or wages

• Establishment of outside bank accounts

• Alcoholic Beverages (by undergraduates)

• Organization Membership Premiums

• Personal Gifts (including Flowers or Gift Baskets unless in Lieu of an Honoraria for Services Rendered, i.e., a speaker at a group meeting.)

The main responsibility is upon the Student Organization, specifically the organization’s Treasurer, to request a check to be written against that organization’s funds by filling out a Voucher Form at the Accounting Office. The Originating Organization is the name of the account that the check is to be written from. The Pay To: is the person or company that the check is to be written to. In the Description area, give a brief, but complete indication of what the payment is for. For example: Food for club meeting on MM/DD/YYYY or Supplies for (Event Name) on MM/DD/YYYY. In the Amount area, write the dollar amount that the check is to be written for. Attach all backup documentation for the check to Voucher Form. Backup documents are all receipts, invoices, contracts for services, estimates for expenses, order forms related to the payment. Coordinate all contracts for services with the Office of Student Life & Leadership prior to the event. Take completed Voucher Form to the Office of Student Life & Leadership for approval. Upon approval, the Office of Student Life & Leadership will forward the Voucher Form to the Accounting Office for processing. Checks are processed on Tuesday and Thursday of each week during the Fall and Spring Semesters, and on Wednesdays only during the Summer. Endeavor to submit Vouchers for processing one week prior to need.

400-03: ASA Deposits
All funds collected by Student Organizations must be deposited in their ASA Account, and expensed by means of checks. Collected funds may include Bake Sales, Parties, Membership Dues, Donations from Outside Organizations, or any other non-student fee source.

Whenever funds are collected by the student organization, those funds should be brought immediately to the Campus Center Accounting Office. Obtain a Deposit Form from the Office attendant. Originating Organization is the ASA Account Name. Explanation section is for a description of what the funds were collected for, i.e., Bake Sale proceeds on MM/DD/YYYY. Write down the amounts of Currency, Coin, and/or Checks included in the deposit and their total amount. The person preparing the deposit form will then sign and date in the Submitted By area. The Office attendant will verify the total amount of the deposit and issue the Pink copy of the Deposit Form as the initial receipt of deposit. Deposits will batch processed on a weekly basis.

400-04: ASA Transfers (Journal Entries)
Journal Entries will be used at all times to record payments between the Student Organizations of the ASA Accounts for joint ventures and events and to record reimbursement for goods and services obtained through University sources (Purchase Orders).

The Transfer Form shall be obtained, and completed by the Student Organization providing funds (Debit) to the organization receiving those funds. Transfer From: is the name of the organization providing the funds, and Amount $: is the dollar amount to be transferred. Transfer To: is the name of the organization receiving the funds and Amount $: is the same as the line above. Explanation: give a short but detailed description of why the funds are being transferred. You should include what the funds are for (e.g., food), for what event, and on what date. Authorized Signature, Title, and Date should be the name of the Treasurer (etc.) of the organization authorizing the transfer to take place. The completed Transfer Form should be taken to the Office of Student Life & Leadership for approval. Upon approval, the Transfer Form will be forwarded the Campus Center Accounting Office for processing. Approved Transfer Forms will be batch processed on a weekly basis.

400-05: Student Organization Financial Record Keeping

• All Student Organizations are required to keep records of their financial transactions on a Fiscal Year basis. It is the responsibility of the organization Treasurer to maintain those records as their elected duty. It is also the Treasurer’s responsibility to pass those records on to the next elected Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the Campus Center Accounting Office to also keep current records with details of each active and inactive Student Organization, as well as seven (7) prior years in storage.

• Financial records may be as simple as a checkbook register or electronic worksheet, or as complex as journals and income/expense ledgers.

• The common theme to any financial record keeping should be a chronological listing of funds coming in to and going out of the student organization with a running balance.

400-06: Gift/Giveaway/Premium Policy

• Gift/Giveaway/Premium items may be purchased from funds raised by the Student Organization, use of Student Fees (SGA Allocations) is not allowed for such purchases

• The type of Gift/Giveaway/Premium items must be discussed with, and approved by the Office of Student Life & Leadership for suitability prior to purchase

• Upon approval, the purchase of the Gift/Giveaway/Premium items must be coordinated with the Student Life & Leadership.