What are Accommodations, Auxiliary Aids, and Services?

Accommodations, Auxiliary Aids, and Services enable qualified students with disabilities to receive the same information and opportunities presented to a student without disabilities. They allow students who have disabilities to learn and convey knowledge of course material in alternate formats. These aids and services make classrooms, courses, labs, and programs accessible and must not compromise the academic standards or essential requirements of the course or the program. Following list gives some examples of accommodations, auxiliary aids, and service provided in post-secondary settings:

• Scheduling classes in physically accessible locations
• Extended time on exams
• Notetaking assistance
• Books in alternative formats
• ASL Interpreters or CART Services

Apply for Services at Rutgers University – Newark

Students with a documented disability looking to apply for reasonable accommodations and services at Rutgers University – Newark should follow the outlined steps:

1. Complete and submit the Registration Form on the Disability Services website

Upon completion of this form, you will receive a confirmation email of your submission. More information about requesting information about services can be found online at the university website ods.rutgers.edu or by visiting our office in the Paul Robeson Campus Center or calling (973) 353-5300.

2. Schedule an intake meeting

Upon receipt of the registration form, your Coordinator of ADA Services will contact you to schedule an intake meeting. Your coordinator will be your direct point of contact for accommodations. This meeting can be done in person at the Paul Robeson Campus Center or by phone at (973) 353-5300.

3. Submit appropriate documentation

On or before your intake meeting, please submit the appropriate documentation that meets ADA guidelines for your disability. For more information about documentation guidelines and appropriate documentation please visit the university website at ods.rutgers.edu.

After the registration form, documentation review and intake appointment have been completed your request for accommodations will be reviewed by committee to determine reasonable accommodations. Accommodations cannot fundamentally alter course requirements or academic standards.

4. Using Accommodations

If the requests for accommodations are APPROVED by the committee, the ADA Coordinator generates a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) which documents what accommodations have been granted. The student is responsible for promptly presenting it to the instructor. The LOA must be presented to the instructor at the beginning of the term(NOTE: STEPS 1-3 MAY TAKE UP TO 30 BUSINESS DAYS. STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO INITIATE THIS PROCESS WELL BEFORE THE START OF THE TERM.)