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Please download PDF version of form and contract below; carefully read pages 1-3; sign and return (you can upload  your signed form at bottom of page) :

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Does event need special parking arrangements? (See Parking section below)
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Is catering needed for event? If so, please indicate who will provide food. (Certificate of Liability Insurance required for caterers who are contracted to do business in Rutgers facilities. See Insurance Requirements below.)
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 Rutgers Dining (973.353.5997) Group: Risk Management $1.50 per person Outside Caterer: $1.50 per person


For an event to be considered a Rutgers sponsored event, it must comply with the following criteria:

• Where costs are incurred, expenditures associated with an event must be paid through a University budget account, including expenditures incurred with both internal & external vendors. Should any admission fees or other charges be collected (either in advance or at the event), or other resources be acquired to underwrite an event such as a grant, contract, or other subsidy, such income must be deposited to a University account.

• When no funds are “changing hands,” Rutgers sponsorship shall be determined by the degree to which Rutgers students, faculty or staff are involved in the determination of the program’s content & presentation. At a minimum, students, faculty, & staff, acting in their capacity as a member of the Rutgers Community, will be primarily responsible for making all the arrangements with the appropriate scheduling office, will be in attendance at the event & assume responsibility for control of the event, & will be accountable for any charges that may be incurred, whether quoted in advance or added after the event. The nature of the event activity must be consistent with the overall mission of the sponsoring unit, & of the University.

The responsibilities of the sponsor include but are not limited to the following:

• Notification to the Reservations Office of any security related issues related to the event or any security related activities that the sponsor plans to conduct using any groups or individuals other than Rutgers-Newark Police Officers.

• Providing all information regarding advertising, co-sponsors, guest speakers, promoters, or any other information which describes the true nature of the event, including changes to any information occurring during the period of time between the initial reservation request & the event date.

• The good conduct of the guests attending the event, damages to property, & its replacement or repair as necessary.

• No person or group reserving any facility, & in particular, the Robeson facility, may remove or request to be removed any pictures, flags, statutes, or any item within the facility as part of their sponsored event.

• Clients are prohibited from block booking any reservable space in the Paul Robeson Campus Center.

• Spaces are reservable for 3 hour blocks unless approved by the Assistant Director.

• Compliance with time, purpose & charges incurred as specified on the reservation form.

• Providing all information & documents required for an event to be confirmed & approved at least two weeks prior to the event through the appropriate LSO.


All vehicles parked on the Newark Campus must be registered with the Office of Parking & Transportation Services & display a valid permit. Event sponsors are responsible for notifying the Reservations Office during the event planning stages so that parking arrangements can be arranged & information distributed to guests. Free parking is not available & parking meters located on city streets must be fed to avoid tickets by Newark parking enforcement officers. The setting aside of parking spaces on Newark city streets does not negate the responsibility to feed the parking meters.

Insurance Requirements

• Rutgers requires that non-Rutgers groups using University facilities & food caterers who are contracted to conduct business in Rutgers facilities comply with Rutgers minimum insurance requirements. The University requires that groups & caterers provide evidence of comprehensive general liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit. The policy must be endorsed to name Rutgers as an additional insured for the dates of the scheduled use. Failure or inability to comply with University insurance policies & requirements will be cause for withholding confirmation of an event on Campus.

• Rutgers University does not assume liability or responsibility for actions or property of the sponsoring organization members, their invited guests, or of equipment or entertainment provided by the sponsoring organization that allow for or cause to happen any injury or damages or losses to property or person in or around the Campus facility where the event is scheduled. Further, the Rutgers Newark Campus accepts no responsibility or liability for misrepresentation of goods or services sold or provided by a sponsoring organization. The sponsoring organization accepts full responsibility for offering goods & services in a truthful & accurate manner. The Rutgers Newark Campus does not assume responsibility for any losses or injuries suffered by any persons as a result of a reservation or event.